I came across an interesting error when trying to licence a Hyperflex Edge Cluster the other day. Each time I ran the stcli license show all command I received the following message,

The cluster itself is running 4.0(2a) which turns out to be the reason why we are currently seeing this issue.

So at this point there are two options available. You can either upgrade your cluster to 4.0(2b) which requires a little more planning or contact Cisco Support and get a copy of a patch file which will resolve the issue. When you log a TAC case ask them for a copy of a file called nesla-3.0.9.jar which is directly related to Cisco Bug CSCvt13929. This patch can be applied at any time without the need for any sort of outage.

Below are the steps required to install the fix on the cluster in question,

Copy the file nesla-3.0.9.jar to the /tmp directory on each of the storage controllers using winscp.

Then run the following command,

cp /tmp/nesla-3.0.9.jar /opt/springpath/storfs-mgmt/dependencies/lib/nesla-3.0.9.jar

Then restart the service,

restart hxLicenseSvc

Give it a minute and then run,

stcli license show status

Then you should see the following,

Now you can go through the process of registering your HX Cluster.

First step is to login to your smart portal and create a token, then copy the token string.

Then SSH to one of the controllers in the cluster and enter the following command (adding your token string at the end)

stcli license register –idtoken “past in token” 

Give it a minute and then check the license status,

stcli license show status

That’s it, your new HX Cluster should now be registered with your Cisco Smart Account