After upgrading to 9.5 Update 4a I ran into a strange issue with Enterprise Manager. When I would try and login to the Self Service Backup Portal as a vCloud tenant the login would fail. We know that the URL for the portal itself is case sensitive when it comes to the tenant org name but in this instance there was no problems there.

It turns out that if I try to login as a tenant who has any capital letters in the vCloud Org name the login would fail.

So I created a tenant with a name that was all lower case and tried to login.

This tenant was able to login without any issues.

Turns out this is a known issue and will be resolved in the next release of the software. In the meantime if you are experiencing this issue there is fix available. You will need to replace an existing dll file and add a pdb file to your Veeam Backup and Replication Server and they are available here

If for any reason this link stops working just contact Veeam support and they will be able to send you the files.

To resolve the issue you need to make the following changes on the VBR server that you have connected to vCloud Director.

Check that no backup jobs are running and stop the Veeam Backup Service.

Open C:\Program Files\Veeam\Backup and Replication\Backup and rename the existing Veeam.Backup.VcdLib.dll to Veeam.Backup.VcdLib.dll.old

Copy Veeam.Backup.VcdLib.dll and Veeam.Backup.VcdLib.pdb from the link above into the folder.

Then start the Veeam Backup Service and try again.

Now as you can see I am able to login as a tenant who has capital letters in their vCloud Org name.

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